It is not uncommon for a person to find themselves in the unique situation of loving where they live, but disliking the home in which they live. If you don’t want to sacrifice your neighbors, neighborhood, familiarity, school system, and all of the other benefits that come with a great location but do want to upgrade your house, New Jersey home remodel is the solution. At Distinctive Domain, we provide the New Jersey home remodel services that you’re looking for, and do everything from basic remodeling (i.e. adding a bathroom or bedroom) to tearing your entire house down and building a brand new one from scratch.

Why You Should Remodel Instead of Move

When you want to upgrade your home, you have two options: purchase or build a new home somewhere else, or remodel and update your existing home. You should choose the latter if:

  • You love your current location, neighborhood, and school system;
  • You want to increase your current home’s value;
  • You can’t sell your home for the value that you need to be able to relocate;
  • You want to avoid expensive transaction costs (like the expenses associated with hiring a realtor);
  • You want to avoid the pains of moving; and
  • You want to save money – remodeling is often cheaper than is relocating.

Staying in your same location and simply remodeling your house is often a much more stable and comforting decision; you can change the home in which you live without having to change anything else about your life.

Our New Jersey Home Remodeling Services

We understand that you love where you live, and we want to help you to create your dream house in that location. We offer a full range of home remodeling services, including tearing down your current house and starting fresh. We work based on Design-Build methodology, which means that we provide for New Jersey home remodeling delivery with one single entity. This is beneficial as it puts the entire process – from design to construction to final project – in the hands of a single contract entered into between you and our team. We offer customized design, fast delivery, high-quality building, and more cost savings than do our competitors. What’s more, we assume full responsibility for all aspects of the project, meaning that we are liable for anything that goes wrong.

Get Started with Experienced New Jersey Home Remodelers

Are you ready to upgrade your home? Do you want to keep your current floor plan while remodeling? Are you interested in tearing down your current house and starting with brand new, customized building plans? Is your family expanding?

If any of the above are true, our team at Distinctive Domain has the New Jersey home remodeling solutions that you are looking for! To learn more about our home remodeling services and how to start this exciting process, contact us today. Fill out our online contact form and we will get in touch with your shortly, or call our offices directly at 732-469-3227.

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