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You might think that designing your own custom home and having it built from the ground up is beyond your reach but think again. Through the design-build system, you can work with a professional to design and construct your dream home for less than it would cost to build it with a general contractor. The lower cost of the design-build process does not mean a slower process or a lower quality build – design-build is actually correlated with quicker project completion and high-quality work.

Distinctive Domain can be the team of Readington, NJ custom home builders that make your dream house your reality. Take a look at some of our active projects to see the type of work we do and what we can provide for your home.

What is Readington, NJ Design-Build?

Design-build is the process of working with a single entity to complete all stages of a construction or renovation project. The homeowner signs only one contract, the contract with the design-build firm, and that firm then handles every part of the project from creating its initial design to obtaining the required permits and then building the home. In some cases, this process also involves the cosmetic aspects of the finished project, such as the interior design and landscaping.

Why Should I Use the Design-Build Methodology to Build my Home?

There are numerous benefits to working with a design-build firm over working with a general contractor to complete your home construction or renovation. As we discussed above, design-build can be a way to lower your costs and get you to your move-in date faster by having only one firm handle the project, rather than putting you in a position where you need to find, vet, schedule, and manage multiple subcontractors. Remember, time is money and by saving yourself time, you are saving more money than you already saved by opting to build with the design-build system.

A few more benefits of working with Distinctive Domain include:

  • We are a Certified Green Builder, which means we incorporate sustainability and efficiency into your home’s design;
  • We hold complete accountability for every step of the process. If something goes wrong, we fix it;
  • You have complete creative control over the project. We can work with you to create designs and strategies that fit with your needs and lifestyle but ultimately, every decision regarding the project is yours to make; and
  • Our team can work with your lender to secure financing for the project. We will also manage its budget from start to finish.

Complete your Custom Readington, NJ Home with Distinctive Domain

Building or renovating your Readington, NJ home should be challenging, but it should not be overwhelming or frustrating. When you work with Distinctive Domain, you are in the driver’s seat while our team takes care of all the difficult aspects of designing, building, and completing your home project. Contact our team of experienced Readington, NJ design-build team today to set up your initial consultation with us.

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