Step-by-Step Guide To Your Luxury Home Renovation: Part 2

We Believe In Collaborating With You Every Step Of The Way 

Choosing the right builder and building trust in them are crucial parts of the home renovation journey. A great builder partners with you on the path to making your dream home a reality and is able to assure you of the success of your project through a clear elaboration of their process for achieving the necessary steps for success. Here at Distinctive Domain, we believe in building strong homes, a strong team, a strong community, and strong bonds with our homeowners. 

Fine homebuilding is our lifeblood: our dynamic, knowledgeable team of professionals is dedicated to the work of building and renovating beautiful homes. That kind of experience and commitment means that we know how to deliver extraordinary results for our homeowners, and fulfill our pledge of a 5-Star Experience every time.

How Our Process Gives You The Beautiful Home You Want 

The 5 Simple Steps, allows us to promise— and deliver— the ideal luxury home on time and on budget, every time. 

Step 1. Let’s Talk: 

In this step, we create a budget, outline a wishlist of rooms/spaces, and document your design ideas and inspiration. 

Step 2. Storyboard Process: 

Here we select your design team and begin working with them (our Collaborative Method), design your preliminary floor plan schematic, create a chart of allowances for the selections process, and address and resolve any code or structural issues that arise. 

Step 3. Rendering to Scale: 

This step involves finalizing construction plans, budget, schedule and construction agreement, completing selections and specifications, incorporating value-engineering recommendations, and obtaining any necessary permits. 

Step 4. The Big Event: 

We begin building! Your plans are built to spec, any demo and structural work is done, our team trims out plumbing, electrical and HVAC, all the insulation, drywall and exterior work is done, and the flooring, trim and interior finishes are completed. 

Step 5. Happily Ever After: 

Finally, your home project is completed, on time and on budget. The final city inspection and final owner walk-throughs take place, and you get to move in and enjoy your new home. 

We are committed to delivering you a 5-Star Experience on your home renovation, and believe that these steps help us to achieve our goal. They have proved to be the answer for our countless previous homeowners. Let us deliver that excellence to you, too. Contact us today to schedule your free Idea Session today!

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Step-By-Step - Renovating Your Luxury Home In New Jersey

In this step-by-step home renovation guide, we sit down with the experts to discuss how they recommend solving luxury lifestyle challenges and delivering a dream home. Whether you’re planning a large-scale luxury house renovation, thinking about an addition, or considering an entire house overhaul, this guide walks you through all the stages of a home renovation project so that you’ll have the knowledge and confidence you need to get started.

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