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From golfing at the Somerset Hills Country Club to walking with nature at Scherman Hoffman Wildlife Sanctuary, it is easy to see why Bernardsville is a great place for you to live. Before you start looking at existing homes, you need to know that building your own home can be the same price, or even cheaper than buying an existing home. Distinctive Domain can help you build the perfect Bernardsville custom home.

Advantages of Building a New Jersey Custom Home

First off, think of everything you want in your next home. Maybe you want a third garage or perhaps you want each room to have a private bathroom, or you could even want your bedroom closets to be walk in closets. Whatever your desires are, if you are looking for a home that has already been built chances are you will have to let a few of your home must haves become unfulfilled wishes. When you build a new home with Distinctive Domain you get everything you want the way you want. We are the Bernardsville Custom Home Builders. You will be able to modify any house plan to fit your needs and desires. That means if you want 10-foot ceilings in the basement, no problem. When you build a Bernardsville custom home, you get to choose everything about your home down to the smallest of details. Most importantly, our quality speaks for itself. We use the best materials and the highest skilled labor to make your dream home a perfect home.

Contact Your Bernardsville Design-Build Team

We use superior products, but that doesn’t mean the price tag will increase. In order to keep the costs low, we use design-build methodology. Design-build is a streamlined process, where you only need to sign one contract. That’s right; you don’t have to worry about finding a plumber, electrician, or tile expert. All you need to do is sign one contract with Distinctive Domain and we do all the work. We do everything from securing the permits, to that bit of touch up paint. Because we take care of everything, we can make certain that each construction phase of your home is held to our stringent levels of quality assurance. We make certain everything is done correctly. With Distinctive Domain, you get your dream home without the nightmares.

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