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If you are considering building or renovating a new home in Chatham, consider working with Distinctive Domain to complete your project using the design-build system. In fact, if you are simply considering moving to a new home, you should consider building one from the ground up instead of moving into a home that already exists, which can easily become an expensive hazard with outdated wiring, mold, toxins like asbestos and lead-based paint, and windows and doors that allow heat to escape. Our team of Chatham, NJ custom home builders at Distinctive Domain have experience building and renovating homes for clients at all budget points throughout the Garden State. Take a look at a few of our active projects to see the type of home we can create for you.

What is Chatham, NJ Design-Build?

Design-build is a construction method that requires the homeowner to only sign one contract. This contract, made with the design-build firm, covers all aspects of the construction or renovation project from its initial design to the finishing touches like its landscaping and interior décor. Design-build is becoming more and more popular with American homeowners each year. Initially, it was used primarily for commercial and government construction projects but today has an established niche in residential construction.

Benefits of the Design-Build Methodology

There are numerous advantages to working with a design-build firm instead of a general contractor to construct or renovate your Chatham, NJ home. The primary advantage is that with design-build, you eliminate the need to work with multiple subcontractors, which has benefits that include:

  • Lower costs for you;
  • A quicker project completion time; and
  • One party is responsible for all aspects of the project. If something goes wrong, the homeowner does not have to determine which subcontractor is responsible for the error or have to face different subcontractors blaming each other for the error, which can set a project back and waste money.

There are specific advantages to working with Distinctive Domain as well. These include:

  • We are a Certified Green Builder. Our team emphasizes efficiency and sustainability in all of our projects;
  • Our firm can help you with the financial aspects of your project like securing financing and managing its budget through each stage to completion;
  • We include the securing of zoning and governmental permits for your project in our services; and
  • Although we handle your home’s construction, you make all the decisions for the project. When you work with Distinctive Domain, you become part of our team.

Complete your Custom Chatham, NJ Home with Distinctive Domain

The thought of building your own custom home can be daunting. Working with the right professionals to complete your construction or renovation project can make it immensely easier for you. Contact our team of design-build professionals at Distinctive Domain today to set up your initial consultation with us, during which we can go over your goals, budget and lifestyle needs to determine whether design-build is the right choice for you.

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