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If you are considering building a new custom home in Hunterdon County, consider working with a design-build firm rather than a general contractor. Design-build is an efficient method for constructing homes that allows project owners to save time and money without sacrificing quality or control over their projects. Distinctive Domain uses this method to build and remodel homes throughout the Garden State. Take a look at our current projects to see examples of the types of home we construct for our clients.

Building your own home can be similar in cost to purchasing an existing home. In fact, there are cases where this is actually the less expensive option.

What is the New Jersey Design-Build Methodology?

Design-build is a system that allows a homeowner to build or remodel a home by working with only one contractor. In this streamlined process, the single contracted team handles all of the following:

  • Assessment of the client’s budget, needs, and goals;
  • Purchase of the land and/or demolition of existing structures on the land;
  • Procurement of the necessary zoning permits;
  • Architectural design of the home;
  • Mortgage lender interaction and budget management;
  • Product and building material selection;
  • All aspects of the home’s construction, such as plumbing, drywall, insulation, roofing, and exterior work; and
  • Completion of the process, which includes obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy.

The project owner is an active part of the process from beginning to end. Design-build allows homeowners to collaborate with the team building their home, rather than forcing them into a stressful management position. If you are not sure about certain decisions, we can offer suggestions and advice to help you make satisfying choices.

Why Should I Use the Design-Build Methodology for my Hunterdon County Home?

There are many benefits to building or remodeling your home through the design-build method. These benefits include:

  • Only one party is responsible for the project and any issues that arise, reducing the risks to the project owner;
  • By working with only one contractor, your project can be completed more quickly than a traditionally-built home;
  • We can help you with more than just choosing paint colors and building materials. We can help you manage your budget and assess the feasibility of your design and layout choices; and
  • Choosing design-build can save you money by eliminating the need to work with multiple contractors and by completing the project more quickly. Remember, time is money.

Contact the Hunterdon County Custom Home Building Pros at Distinctive Domain

At Distinctive Domain, our team of Hunterdon County custom home builders can answer all of your questions about the design-build process and help you determine whether this is an option for you. Design-build has become quite popular in New Jersey and throughout the nation in recent years because of its efficiency and relatively low cost compared to traditional home construction. To learn more about design-build or what we do for our clients, contact our office today to schedule your consultation with us.

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